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Kmita Catalogue V2 : PHP MySQL Catalog Script

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Kmita Catalogue : Quick way of making a template based product catalogue

Kmita Catalogue V2: make your product catalog  

Kmita Catalogue is PHP MySQL product catalogue script. The script is easy install and easy to manage. The script is totally template based and you have full control over how and where your product details are displayed. You can sort your products into multi-level categories and help your customer selecting products.

Help your customers by displaying your products in a proper fashion, more are the chances of they buying your products and services.

Installation and Administration
  • Automated Installation using the fastest mode of installation "AutoInstall"
  • With FTP, just upload, set permissions and start running.
  • Integrates into your website design seamlessly
  • Count number of times a product has been viewed
  • Admin Operates through a lanuguage file
  • Password Protected Administration Panel
Top Features
  • Easy Install and Manage
  • PHP MySQL based, available on all Linux based servers
  • Uses your website template
  • Integrated Product Search
  • Multi-level product categories
  • Auto thumbnail creation of products
  • Supports unlimited images for a product
  • Integrates with shopping cart scripts easily
  • Tree Structure Product Map


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