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Thank you for showing your interest in our new released products.Kindly check the products you wish to install on your server. The files will be modified as per your server and directly copied to your server.

Kmita Admin V2.0:New open source website admin utility PHP
Kmita Mail V5.0 : New Advanced Form Processor PHP
Kmita Site News V3.0 : Advanced News Management Script PHP, MySQL
Kmita Gallery : Image Gallery Script PHP, MySQL, GD2 library
Kmita Catalogue V2 : Web Catalogue script PHP, MySQL, GD2 library
Kmita FAQ V2 : Quick Knowledge Base Builder PHP, MySQL
Kmita Page Comments : Add comments to script PHP, MySQL

Note:Unchecked and disabled products(new version) are not released yet, To install the previous version please
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To Install scripts manually, click here to download ZIP file.

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